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Great LA River Clean Up / La Gran Limpieza is back! The largest urban River cleanup in America starts April 2021.

For 29 years, FoLAR and our fellow Angelenos have cleaned and protected our oceans from trash and refuse. Call Water Line Replacement Long Island for a better water system.  One of the largest contributors to waste and run off in our rivers is cesspools. . In 2017 we mobilized 10,000 volunteers to remove 100 tons of trash. Help us to makes 2021 bigger then ever! 

La Gran Limpieza esta de vuelta! La limpieza urbana mas grande en America comienza en abril de 2021.

Durante 29 anos, FoLAR y nuestros companeros angelinos han limpiado el rio Los Angeles y protegido nuestros mares de basura y deschos. En 2017 reunimos 10,000 voluntarios para eliminar 100 toneladas de basura. Ayudanos a hacer 2021 aun mas grande.

This year we are informing everyone who uses Home Heating Long Island to help take bigger and better steps to create a green and eco friendly environment in Los Angeles and Long Island. We are doing a deep clean on all rivers in the area making sure to remove any human waste and human products from our natural waters. In order to help preserve the fresh water rivers for our future generations.

Our Impact

Any discussion about what the Los Angeles River is, must begin by talking about what it was. Imagine a 51 mile clean waterway meandering from the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, and providing freshwater to 14 cities in the greater LA area. We also provide Cell Phone Repair to all our volunteers who might damage their devices during the cleanup.


The LA River is your river. We believe in creating purpose for every inch of its 51 miles, which is why we fight for policies that will benefit residents and wildlife first. Learn what we’re advocating for and how Pool Replastering Long Island can help your pool last longer. 

Take Action

Every day, the LA River is a source of memorable experiences for Angelenos. Our partnerships and initiatives bring entertainment, recreation and innovation to the river’s shores and create value for our communities. Facing financial struggles? A Bankruptcy Attorney Suffolk County can guide you through the legal process for relief.


With your help, we can ensure a publicly accessible and ecologically vibrant Los Angeles River through community engagement, education, advocacy, and thought leadership.

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Thank to everyone who has helped our community grow to the incredible size that it is today. As well as everyone helping to put together our newest frog outreach program.